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"I highly recommend Rozalia's new book on biblical tithing. Her book is the most thorough study of the subject to have appeared among serious theologians in years. She writes in a loving manner when she points out the errors preached from many pulpits due to an inadequate study of the different contexts between the Abrahamic tithe, the Levitical tithe and the teaching of Paul, the Apostle, after the Cross. We can praise Jesus that He has gifted Rozalia with ability to express theology so clearly." Floyd Schneider, PhD, Systematic Theology and Apologetics (Spokane, WA)

Tom from Kentucky: "I’ve written and spoken on this subject numerous times, and read a bunch about it, but the prior things I’ve read seem greatly inferior to “God’s Heart For Giving.” Trying to determine God’s truth about giving, Rozalia poured countless hours and many years into research, study, and prayer - and the result is this amazing tome. Though easy for lay people to read and understand, it is truly a work of scholarship which should be welcomed in the libraries of Bible colleges and on the bookshelves of ministers across he world."

Karen from Kentucky: "I just finished reading Part 1 of your book. Oh wow! It is so clear to me now. You are a gifted teacher and writer. I'm so glad you wrote this book! [I now recognize] the legalism trap so many of us had fallen into."

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